About Nick Trill

The ten years of experience I have in construction has mostly been as a general contractor.
Prior to that, my career was always in the service industry. The opportunity to make others
happy has always been my interest. The time I have spent in construction has been an all-day, 
everyday mentality with planning and understanding the nuances of everything I do. This is why 
I call myself a builder. I feel a builder is an earned title through repeated success in craftsmanship 
and sequencing. When customers ask if certain finishes can be created, the answer is always yes. 
Dedication has given me the understanding to adapt to any site conditions and deliver on requests 
like it is second nature. My family and I have lived through several massive projects ourselves. 
Years of my life have been spent coming home and looking at my own work. I cannot hide the fact 
that I love what I do and know what it's like to live through the projects I do for my customers. I 
know how to make the experience positive. On job sites, you may see me in a hands-on role or 
managing groups of craftsmen. I have physically done all the work my company offers. I have 
successfully completed all types of construction work on my own. I have been in the shoes of 
everyone on my team and know what should be expected. For me, being a builder is not a job; it is 
a lifestyle.